Covid-related special leave and absence


In the last staff update we explained the current arrangements regarding special leave and absence for those with Covid-19 and too unwell to work. At the moment, up to 10 days special leave can be granted, however these arrangements end on 1 July.

From 2 July, normal sickness absence procedures and arrangements will apply for all colleagues who are unwell and unable to work for any reason - including Covid-19. To confirm, this ends the standalone guidance for dealing with Covid-19 related absence.

All non-health and social care staff should stay at home and avoid contact with others if they have symptoms of a respiratory infection, like Coronavirus, and if they have a high temperature, or don't feel well enough to work. The latest guidance is available via NHS Inform:

Health and social care staff should continue to follow sector-specific guidance:

Individual Risk Assessments

Individual Covid 19 Occupational Risk Assessments: The use of the Covid age tool and risk assessment guidance have been withdrawn from the Scottish Government webpage with the safer workplaces and public settings guidance having been updated. There is no longer a need for an individual Covid 19 Occupational Risk Assessment for those with, for example, underlying health conditions. The focus is on supportive discussions with those staff who may be anxious as far as the workplace is concerned. The link to the guidance available via this webpage.

Pregnancy Risk Assessment: The separate, specific guidance that was in place for Covid 19 and pregnancy risk has been removed which means there is no longer a specific approach to managing a pregnant employee’s risk to Covid-19. However, the non-Covid-19 specific risk assessment process for pregnant staff should continue to be followed.

New and Expactant Mothers (DOCX)

New and Expectant Mother at Work Risk Assessment (DOC)

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