Reminder: let us know about your Data Sharing Agreements


What is a DSA?

Data Sharing Agreements (DSAs), Information Sharing Protocols (ISPs), Memorandums of Understanding (MoUs) and similar provide frameworks for the secure and confidential collection, control, storage and sharing of information between participating parties.  They ensure everyone is aware of the purposes of the sharing, what happens at each stage and their various responsibilities.  

Data Protection Compliance?

These agreements are also a way for the Council to demonstrate compliance with our accountability obligations under Data Protection legislation.  The Council is legally required to document our processing activities, and a register is maintained of all DSAs, ISPs and similar.  Copies of signed agreements are also saved on the Information Assurance shared drive.  

What to do when you receive a DSA?

To assist us with meeting the Council’s obligations under Data Protection, please ensure all information sharing or processing agreements are sent to: prior to signature.
The Data Protection team will review these agreements and advise as to any concerns regarding signature, however, the responsibility for then signing and returning agreements ultimately falls with departments.

Further info

For advice regarding information sharing or processing agreements, or for any Data Protection related queries, please email:
A suite of Data Protection guidance is available on the Interchange here:

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