Lockdown extension for staff


With the government announcing last night that lockdown is set to continue for at least the next three weeks, we are adjusting to a ‘new normal’ and many things will remain as they have been since the first phase of lockdown was announced.

This means colleagues continuing to work from home, others self-isolating or shielding, and others looking after their children or other family members. Thank you for contribution, whether you’re working in your normal role or have been redeployed, or responsibly continuing to follow government guidance to stay at home.

The current arrangements for pay will continue for the duration of this next lockdown period so, if you have been and remain unable to work because you are not a key worker and have been asked not to come to work, you cannot work from home and are not currently redeployed, you will continue to be paid your normal pay.

As you’d expect, many of our public-facing services will continue to be closed (libraries, leisure centres, etc) but there are new ways of working for others, like our registration service which is conducting remote registrations, seven days a week. This pandemic has created many challenges, but the resilience of our colleagues is our greatest asset.

We’re issuing regular updates on the interchange, and encourage you to read these. Keep in touch with colleagues, look after yourself and your wellbeing. There’s a wellbeing section on the interchange, which you can access on any computer or smartphone connected to the internet.

Once we know what the position is after this three-week lockdown extension has passed, we’ll be in touch for what this means for council services, and how it affects you.

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