Update: Missing or Empty “My Documents” Folders


Update (21/09/2018)

ICT have identified that the cause of the problems this week are as a result of a storage area on a server becoming unusable.  A new storage area has been setup and data has been recovered from the last good backup relating to this data, which was taken on the evening of Friday 14th September.

Affected staff should now be able to log on without getting errors about their “My Documents” or “Desktop” folders.  A follow-up email will be sent to potentially affected users with the subject heading “TMC ICT Notice: Follow-up to issues with your ‘My Documents’ folder” with details regarding what to look for within their “My Documents”.

Original Article (20/09/2018)

ICT are aware of an issue where the “My Documents” and/or “Desktop” folder for users will be inaccessible/missing/empty on ‘morayfile01’.  This has been caused by the failure of an element of one of our main file servers.  ICT are currently working to resolve this as a priority.  Further updates will be provided here.

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