Annexe Car Park


Despite numerous reminders, some staff continue to park in the visitors carpark as a matter of course when the carpark designated for staff use is full.  There have been incidents where staff are parking in spaces reserved for pool cars and there has also been recent occasions where cars have been parked out-with an actual parking space and even within the motorbike parking areas.  This is unacceptable behaviour and made even worse by the fact that in recent days it has also been reported that some of the driver behaviours are putting staff and visitors at risk.

During normal working hours the Annexe car park outwith the controlled barriers is for the use of visitors, blue badge holders and the parking of designated pool cars only.  Staff who are located permanently in the HQ campus should not be using this carpark for general parking.

The visitors carpark is now going to be monitored on a weekly basis.  Car numbers will be taken and any member of staff found to be inappropriately parked in the Visitors carpark will be reported to  their respective Head of Service and any further offence thereafter is likely to result in disciplinary action.

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