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We’re updating our core paths network

Core paths are key routes that are part of the wider path network of long distance walking and cycling routes, and local and community paths. These routes give you access to Moray, whether you are walking to your local shop or going on an epic bike ride.

The current core paths network is documented in our 2011 plan that sets out our local qualification criteria for core paths in Moray.

We’re now proposing to amend the plan, by adding some new routes and amending existing ones to respond to changes in the area since the original plan was created.
A draft version of the amended plan is now out for public consultation until 20th April 2018. You’re invited to read the new plans, view the routes and give us feedback using the online form.

Read our Draft Amended Plan

View the Core Path Draft Maps

A popular local trail we would like add to our core paths network is the River Lossie cycle path across Elgin and linking to Lhanbryde. Adding routes to the core paths network means available resources can be focussed to look after and and protect them for both locals and visitors. They’ll also be added to Ordnance Survey maps.  

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