Annexe Car Park (Public Allocated Area)


The Annexe Carpark (public allocated area) has 28 bays for public use and 6 bays for pool cars.  Those who are entitled to use this carpark are the public, mobile workers and/or workers coming into the HQ campus to attend meetings.  It is not to be used as an overspill for the staff car park and is not for long term parking (i.e. a full day).  Despite a gentle reminder, some staff continue to use this carpark as their “all day” parking option.

From 13 March to 15 March 2017 the car park was monitored (both in the morning and at close of play).

On 13 March 2017, 20 bays were filled by staff by 0850am leaving only 8 bays available for public use.  This was checked at closing time and it was established that permanent based staff both in the HQ building and Annexe are using the public carpark area for long term parking. 

On 14 and 15 March, the same practice was observed with 21 and 23 bays respectively filled by staff using it for long term parking.

Over the monitoring period, registration numbers have been taken and staff identified.  It is planned that ongoing monitoring of this area will now take place so this is a final reminder not to use the public carpark for long term use.  If staff ignore this instruction, the matter will be referred to a more formal process through the relevant line manager.  

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