It's (almost) our birthday!


Did you see the plea from our Connect team in the latest edition of the mag? They're after your pictures and memories from this council's first year. In case you missed it, we've posted it below:

We’re celebrating Moray Council’s 21st birthday next month, and we want your memories and pictures.

Yes, hard to believe it was 21 years ago in April that this council officially came into being – it seems much longer. We’ll be looking at how the organisation has changed in those two decades, and how some of the staff have changed with it. Or not, as the case may be. We have pictures of current staff from that first year when they had hair, while others are still wearing the same style clothes. We know, quality never dates, but…

But we surely can’t have all the pictures there are in existence. We’re on the hunt for some you might have from those early days, particularly any which shows how we did our jobs then. What vehicles and machinery were you using back then? How did you get to work? How did we all stay in communication with our colleagues, depots and team managers? Don’t forget, these are pre-email and digital days, so it was all forms and hard copy everything. Knowing where the nearest payphone was really mattered.

If you’ve got anything that fits the bill, or an anecdote that simply must be shared on Connect, get in touch. We’re on (phones) or email!

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