Service accommodation change requests


The number and complexity of requests for changes in office accommodation is becoming an increasing issue, in the main due to ongoing service restructures. Our offices have been set up in accordance with the principles for desk space and break out facilities implemented during DBS. Accommodation is at full capacity for desks and also for associated network/telephony in the following offices:

  • Keith Community Hub,
  • Buckie Cluny Square
  • HQ zones 8, 9,10 (on first floor) and 12 (payments and internal audit areas)

This means that any requests to locate additional staff or relocate staff in these locations can only be achieved through more flexible use of the existing desk provision by the service involved.

Implementing Changes

There are a number of factors to be considered when changing occupation at any of our corporate buildings and we strongly recommend that plans for any changes should be notified to the asset management team ideally with a minimum of 5-6 months notice (but in urgent circumstances as soon as any changes are anticipated), to allow all issues to be considered.

This is to provide sufficient time for options to be identified, prepared (including ICT requirements to be specified and costed), considered and approved appropriately. This timescale would also incorporate adequate time to provide affected staff with sufficient notice to prepare detailed actions for moves.  

There are also a number of costs associated with any moves:

  • adaptations (if required)
  • infrastructure (telephony/network)
  • moving service items from one location to another
  • desks/chairs
  • ICT provision

Process for changes affecting property

Any proposed changes need to be defined by the service to identify what the objective is. To start the lead officer should complete the appropriate form:

After we've received your form or email, an initial meeting will be arranged with a member of the team to discuss the detailed requirements. Afterwards, an options appraisal will be carried out and a decision made on what action is to be taken. Should the proposal be implemented, an indicative timescale and schedule of tasks will be prepared and a move date will be specified.

DAR/Committee Reports

To make sure that appropriate staff accommodation is available, any DAR or committee report that results in increasing or decreasing staffing levels in corporate buildings must be passed through asset management as a consultee to allow property and infrastructure issues to be considered. These issues should be clearly identified under the Property Implications report section and the intended location for any new staff must be considered at the start of the process under discussion with asset management

I trust the process detailed above and attached is self explanatory, however if you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact any member of the asset management team:

Jeanette Netherwood – 01343 563864
John Macdonald – 01343 563743
Eddie Milne – 01343 563708

Many thanks

Richard Anderson
Head of Housing and Property

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