Improving Workforce Culture


We've added two Workforce Culture documents to the interchange. These are explained in more detail below.

Positive steps to tackle workplace problems

Guidance for all employees.

We're committed to making sure that everyone has a positive place to work where we can all do our best. However, we know that at times the environment can become tense. When this becomes the norm, it's important that these workplace problems are addressed to prevent them from snowballing. Our Positive Steps to Tackle Workplace Problems leaflet (PDF) outlines the various options available to address workplace problems. We're committed to making a difference for our workforce and this will provide you with details of the support and intervention available, to improve the culture in your workplace.

Investigations best practice guide

Guidance for managers.

Problems can arise in any workplace and making sure they are dealt with fairly and consistently, may require an investigation. An investigation best practice guide (Word) has been developed to support managers in carrying out an investigation effectively and then making an informed decision on it. The guide can be applied to any situation and used in conjunction with the relevant policy.

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